Business integration





Quism offers business integration at all levels. It supports service standards and best practices for various business processes. You can start from a basic helpdesk model for registering and handling user calls and assets. From there, you can adopt more best practices and move into for example change management.





Depending on you objectives, you can integrate and synchronize you customer information from your Microsoft Active Directory, CRM, HRM or HIS environment. You can also synchronize other Quism information, for example your technical asset information from for example the Microsoft SCCM database. This way your computer asset information is supplemented with the current technical information, combined with change tracking.





QPIT BV issdfg specialized in bespoke software specification, development and integration. We can offer serveral custom business integration solutions. For example with real-time and mobile platforms using various protocols and technical concepts.





The standard Quism Import/Export module offers easy ways to integrate your business information into Quism. You can use various data sources and convert your information into the standard import template using standard Microsoft Office or similar products. The Import/Export tools are available from the Quism Administration tools menu.






Our customers have developed inhouse Quism integrations. For example service dashboard, custom reports, export of cost information. We can provide functional- and technical Quism information to facilitate this type of business integration.





Quism partners have developed specific interfaces to Quism customers. For example for reporting, phone integration and CRM interfacing.

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